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Appreciating Fine Art Photographs

Fine Art photographs go beyond the normal recording capability of photography to reveal the inner beauty of a scene or object. Beyond a simply ‘nice’ chocolate-box type image, they have a deeper meaning, conveying a mood or atmosphere, stirring the emotions and conjuring up good memories. Look for visually appealing images. Consider the colours, light and shade, tone and texture. Examine the image’s composition, and how it relates to the subject. Does the image tell a simple story? Ultimately, look for images that bring pleasure to look at.

What gives a photograph it’s value?

The key ability of a Fine Art photographer is a ‘seeing eye’, able to notice and capture images of great beauty, where others would simply take a ‘snapshot’. The time invested in each edition often exceeds the time taken to paint in oils or watercolours, and each print should be signed by hand by the artist. An individually produced print such as those made by Richard Cobby has much greater value than one printed as a run of thousands by machine.

Collecting Fine Art photographs

PhotoArt Editions offer an enjoyable, exciting and affordable way to give a stylish focal point to interior design. They are also a worthwhile method of collecting fine art which can be valued, cherished and appreciated for generations to come. Images purchased can appreciate greatly as the photographer gains in reputation, with many photographs that were once inexpensive now worth thousands. Collections may be admired in the future and handed down as family heirlooms. As any expert will tell you, the way to begin collecting fine art is to start with what you love!

Printing Technology

Each photographic print is produced using EPSON’s latest 24" large format printer which features a new advanced Micro Piezo™ printhead technology and 7-colour UltraChrome™ ink system. The STYLUS PRO 7600 offers unparalleled output quality with the highest resolution available at 2880dpi, and its output make large photographs, display posters and panoramic prints up to A1 possible.

Print quality is outstanding with the widest colour gamut ever. The seven individual UltraChrome™ ink set includes Light Black - a world first. The new Light Black enhances the greyscale gradations, therefore producing smoother tonal variations in colour and greyscale images. The combination of high quality archival papers from Lyson, Ilford and Permajet and the Epson 7 colour UltraChrome ink set offers vibrant colour and black & white prints, with claimed lightfastness in excess of three generations (75 years).

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