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Hampton Music Publishers was formed in 1975, at the introduction of my first book - "Play Guitar Volume 1". This practical tutor book proved very popular, and was quickly adopted by many leading teachers, guitar studios and centres. Orders for this book have been received from over 23 countries throughout the world. The populaity of the volume was due to the progressive way the material was laid out and with limited text, each teacher could adapt the Play Guitar method to suit their particular style of teaching.

From the beginning of the Northampton Guitar Studios, probably one of the busiest guitar teaching stuidos in the UK, until 1987, thousands of students had personally been taught using Play Guitar. Many other publications followed, including a large number by leading guitarists and composers from home and abroad.

Richard cobby, director of Hampton
Richard Cobby, director of Hampton

We are pleased to include in the present Hampton Music Guitar Catalogue works by: Robin Pearson, John Duarte, John Mills, Greg Nestor, Adrian Ingram, Matin Nockalls, Patrick Benham and others.

Thank you for your visit. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced guitarist, I trust you will find some interesting and rewarding material to further your musical talent.